So, I’m Natalie. I began my venture for the deeper things of God after about 16 years raised as a pastor’s kid in multiple Southern Baptist churches. Other than the many handfuls of times I told my parents I was too tired and skipped a Sunday morning, I can say I had heard roughly 736 sermons in my young life.(not an accurate number, but you get the point) I had heard a Baptist preacher. Yet, although I had heard a lot of random scripture, what lacked was the system and depth of the teaching. Maybe you can relate? Maybe that’s why you’re here.

Reformed theology. The perplexing thing it is. It teaches us, challenges us, confuses us, propels some and stops others.

The five points of Calvinism, more particularly, stopped me after 20 years raised in the church, as a Christian who craved to serve Him greater, and follow Him unto the ends of the earth. I attended a Baptist college. There I learned the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism. I had searched and began to find the gospel centered teachers of my time ( Piper and Driscoll primarily) teaching, through expository teaching, theology at the pulpit. Finally I began to dive deeper in the word through their gospel centered lens, which was five point Calvinism.

The thing I hadn’t learned though, is as much as one would like the topics of God’s decree and His sovereignty, man’s responsibility, regeneration, providence and such to be cut and dry, it just isn’t. Yet it was taught as so and it is today as well. Not only that, many Calvinists may be stepping even further in conclusions than classical reformed theology teaches. Neither can many accurately depict the theology of different stances. So today, Christians can be teaching hyper-Calvinism as gospel centered and not even realize it.

Although I have respect for reformed Christian brothers and sisters that contend the five points, I cannot embrace the points myself. At 20 years of age, I put down my quest for God and His truth, because I was ashamed of Him and what I thought I understood of the five points. One who was formerly fired up, stood down then for years. I do not think my story is that unique. I think many are perplexed by the God created by the five points. At 23, I returned by the Spirit’s work in my life back to God in my Air Force basic training chapel and have followed Him since, but have over the years grown to see a non-Calvinistic theology as more biblical. This is not just because this theology is more palatable. Rather I just find more biblical defense for it, to this day anyhow. I don’t embrace Arminianism. Some have, as of late, called the position Traditionalism, provisionalism, or Biblicist, but I will keep with non-Calvinistic, as not to tie my particular beliefs to the stray few proponents who have gone off the deep end. Simply put, the main aim of this website is to discuss different soteriological positions in relation to reformed theology.

I’m guessing if you’re here, you’re a free thinking adult and my thoughts and opinions, hopefully weighed by scripture, are considered discussion. I hope and pray to worthily bring scripture and discussion to the table. Whether you’re struggling spiritually in this or just debating, feel free to challenge my thoughts. I hope to grow with you.

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