Why rethinking:reformedtheology exists

So, I’m Natalie. I began my venture for the deeper things of God after about 16 years raised as a pastor’s kid in multiple Southern Baptist churches. Other than the many handfuls of times I told my parents I was too tired and skipped a Sunday morning, I can say I had heard roughly 736 sermons in my young life.(not an accurate number, but you get the point) I had

An Unbeliever’s Ability?

An Unbeliever’s Ability?  (A Biblical and Theological Discussion on the Sovereignty of God and Free Will of Man in Regards to Total Inability) The topic of free will and determinism has always been a hot discussion in Christian theological circles.  Yet it is also one that extends far beyond exclusively the Christian faith.  As it pertains to psychology, determinism represents the view that environmental factors largely effect an individual’s actions,